Graduate Film Projects

Creative film projects are at the heart of our study program. The most important projects for our graduates are their so-called “final films”. Since the study program focusses on longer TV formats such as documentaries, every student develops his or her own idea for a unique documentary film to be produced either completely on his/her own or in small groups of two or three. This is a great chance for our students to learn all about the production of a documentary film – starting with a first idea at the beginning of their second semester up to the final days of the third, when post-production time ends. Due to our students’ commitment to their freely chosen topics, it comes as no surprise that usually some of the graduates’ films are even being supported and broadcast by regular TV channels.

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As a very special event, all of the graduates’ films are being presented in our cinema at “Planet M” every year on Saturday after 3 October (anniversary of German unification). We are looking forward to seeing you there!